Outreach Programs

Soup Kitchen
Senator Make Mswane making a donationSwaziland Hospice At Home has opened a soup kitchen which will provide meals on a daily basis for patients and their families who seek medical attention at the center. About 60 patients who visit the clinic on a daily basis will be provided with a full breakfast. On Mondays and Thursdays, they will be provided with both breakfast and lunch.

Food Parcels
Are provided to clients and their families who are in need. Parcels are also provided to the patients in the Home Based Care Program. Parcels include vegetables, oil, sugar, mealie meal (rice) and tea. When available we also provide non-perishable (tinned food) items in the food parcels.

Comfort Packs
Are provided to clients and their family members who are destitute or the families of clients who have died as part of on going care. Included in the comfort packs are, clothing, toothpaste and toothbrush, Vaseline, bath soap and face cloth.

Orphans Needs
SHAH based on the recommendation from the Lobamba care points, solicits donations from local businesses for orphans in the area. Once donations are collected, SHAH organizes a fun day in which the orphans and member s of the community come to see and then distribute what has been collected for the children.