Nursing Support Program
nursing support programHospice at Home nurses are the heroes of the organization as they deliver the much needed services including palliative care and counseling. They face many challenges on the field. These are the following needs of the nursing staff.

  • Protective Clothing-gloves, masks, gowns and lab coats
  • Dressing Packs- antiseptic cream, sterile dressing (gauze) pads.
  • Stretchers for transporting bedridden patients.
  • Wheel chairs for transporting weak patients.
  • Bathroom scales for weighing patients.
  • Glucometer to measure blood sugar levels.
  • Intravenous fluid stands for rehydrating patients
  • Portable CD4 count machine- to be used for HIV+ patients in the community as part of our outreach programs.
  • Surgical masks to help prevent air born infections, ex. TB
  • Linens-blankets, sheets and bed covers
  • Oxygen cylinders to promote respiration
  • Blood pressure monitoring equipment-syphamanometer and stethoscopes.
  • Plastic storage containers to store medication and supplies used for home visits.
  • Symptom control and pain control medication, ex. Antibiotic, anti inflammatory, antihistamines, bronchodialtors, antidiarrheals and antiemetics and antispasmodic medication.