Clients visiting the hospice clinic have increased tremendously as the pandemic matures. The majority of patients are brought in stretchers at terminal stage needing immediate alleviation of symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting. Relatives refer patients after they have been denied treatment in hospitals for a continuation of Home Based Palliative Care.

Out of 42561 patients for the year 2007/08, the portion of patients attended to by SHAH nurses was 37.05% making a total of 15770 patients. Patients with other forms of illnesses were the highest with 10274 patients encompassing 65.15% followed by HIV/AIDS patients with a portion of 34.13%. Cancer patients accounted for only 0.72% of the patients who got medical attention at the SHAH clinic. It is evident that the highest numbers of patients receiving medical attention from SHAH are those treated at the clinic and they are mainly affected by other forms of illnesses. The flooding of patients to the clinic has mounted pressure on SHAH resources. The increase in Hospice patients mainly in the clinic can be attributed to the fact that SHAH services are for free and patients only make a contribution of E10.00 at the clinic for those who have it and can afford it. For this reason SHAH patients will always increase yearly.