Voluntary Testing and Counseling (VCT)voluntary testing
On its inception the VCT program targets clients in the rural settings where the rapid test is taken to the people, where many care givers and families get the motivation to test. This small program sees a sizeable number of clients at the Hospice clinic and in the rural areas. The organization is looking forward to up scale these services and attempt to provide adherence to treatment. H.T.C strategy is working well for Hospice. Service providers are able to reach a lot of clients (cares) for this program and some for treatment.

There has been a tremendous increase of patients referred to and seen by this organization; this confirms the ever-increasing demand for the services we provide. From April 2007 to March 2008 907 people were tested for HIV at SHAH. Of the 907 tested 62.85% of the people tested positive for the HIV virus and 37.15% tested negative. This shows that the HIV/AIDS pandemic is becoming more serious on public health. There is a high portion of females who tested positive for HIV at 64.56%. Females testing positive more often compared to 35.44% of males who tested positive. Among those who tested negative for HIV, females had a high proportion than males.