Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
Capacity building is the key for the provision of quality Palliative Care and rolling out the services to all eligible clients. One Hospice objective is to imbue the culture of professionalism amongst staff. It is in this vain that the organization has been able to train two additional nurses on Palliative Care Diploma which brought the number to three qualified nurses. One nurse received a certificate course on Palliative Care. The Unit has further trained other disciplines, in their various expertises.

Contributions made to the country are trainings of nurses on Palliative Care, Introducing Palliative Care to all nurse managers in the country, trainings for care givers, trainings of the army care givers and nurses. Training of peer groups on Palliative Care include, daily health talks on HIV/AIDS, VCT, HCT, adherence and diet amongst our clients.

Furthermore, nurses at Hospice have regular in-service training on various topics of Palliative care. The organization is currently engaging the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in the formulation of a Palliative Care policy and up-scaling Palliative Care across the board of our medical practitioners, which spread emphasis to pain management. The project is on-going and very important to integrate in all health services.